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Our aim is to release 1 premium episode per month. The majority of these episodes will feature actual gameplay, though some may include other behind the screens content:
  • Actual Play - The majority of our episodes will feature actual play game sessions from outside the main campaign. Many will use the #dnd system, but others we have recorded in the past include other systems like Kids on Bikes, No Thank you Evil, and Monster of the Week. 
  • Set Up Episodes - When we are playing with alternate systems, we may include episode 0 content here to allow you to join us for the one-shot or campaign set up
  • Player's Perspectives - If Will and the players chat about their characters or answer questions about the campaign, those sessions may be added as player's perspectives
  • Game Master's Guide - Occasionally, Will has recorded information about a session, puzzle, or monster that didn't come out in an episode. These guides help you add the item homebrew content to your own campaign or just give some insight into what Will had in mind before the session went live.
  • Dinner Party - We may bring the portable recorder to our dinner break and let you join our dinner conversation. These episodes will be few and far between because Will and Aimee's kids are also at dinner and we only very occasionally record.
  • Non RPG games - Once in a great while we may record ourselves playing table top games (like Super Fight) 
Subscribing to our content is one of the best ways to support our show and help us cover the fees of hosting, equipment costs, and other expenses. More importantly, it shows us that people really value our efforts enough to want to show support. We are a very small podcast with only a handful of subscribers, so each new subscription is something we notice and celebrate together. 

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